Alright, fellas, take a look at the illustration above and tell us this: If you, like Gentleman Pisser Number Two on the left, had just entered the restroom, which urinal would you select?

But before you answer, let’s ask the ladies. Any ideas? We’ll give you a hint–it’s definitely not the one directly to the right of Gentleman Pisser Number One. However, there’s one other wrong answer here as well. Have you figured it out?



Oh, what a jerk Gentleman Pisser Number Two is! As you can clearly see, he’s left the newest member of the pissing tribe stuck choosing where to stand. Never a position you want to be in, especially since Gentleman Pisser Number Two obviously should have taken the urinal to the far right.

Now, the men among our readers probably already had this all figured out the moment they saw the top picture. It’s almost a natural instinct knowing where to stand to preserve the sacred personal space. However, for the ladies who may be scratching their head, or the men who never had to learn this bathroom etiquette, let us explain. While it might sound absurd, it can really mess up a guy’s whole urination groove to have someone step up to the urinal next door. It feels like a tiny invasion of space that puts you on edge, and then you just can’t…go!


And in case you think this is just a Western thing, most Japanese Internet users seemed to get it too.

Oh, yes! This is exactly how it is!

This is just so…so…arg! What a jerk that second guy is!

In this case, I would give that jerk a glare and then just go into a stall…

I suppose in this case the farthest to the end is the safest…

It’s the same when you go behind the adult video curtain at the DVD rental stores…

Only really “big” guys wouldn’t understand this…

I wouldn’t mind it at all! If you have confidence, come on!

We’re a bit worried that the last guy might have a little too much confidence.

Anyway, ladies, now you know what’s going on in the men’s rooms around the world: Mind games. Very silly little boys’ mind games.

Sources: Byoukan Sunday, Channel Z
Images: Byoukan Sunday