Where their younger counterparts may have fallen by the wayside, a senior pop group from Niigata, Japan, is going strong. Their new song, ‘Rice-Colored Unrequited Love’, expresses their fierce love for the famed Koshihikari rice of Niigata Prefecture. In particular, the rice from Uonuma in Niigata is so delicious and sought-after, it usually fetches the highest prices in Japan, so it’s not surprising that the locals are passionate about it. But the Rice Girls take it a step further. In fact, they sing that ‘rice is better than love‘!

Well, love is patient. Love is a battlefield. Love is blindness. (According to Google Predictive Search.) Rice? Rice is nice!

After seeing the video clip for their new single, one Japanese netizen commented that there is definitely something to be said for the charms of mature women… somehow, his heart skipped a beat, and he started to imagine, “When she was younger, she must have been so popular with guys…”

Last year, seven attractive, lively women came together to form the pop group ‘Rice Girls’. All seven are farmers from Niigata Prefecture, ages ranging from 50s to 70s. As PR for JA Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations), the Rice Girls aim to get young Tokyo women to appreciate the delicious beauty of Koshihikari rice, rather than mooning over salaryman hotties. Forget about men. Forget about love. What we all really want and need is some pearly white, fluffy, premium short-grain rice. Perfect for sushi. Nom!

Not convinced? Check out ‘Rice-Colored Unrequited Love’, with English subtitles.

Incidentally, the song title ‘Rice-Colored Unrequited Love’ is quite similar to Aya Matsuura’s smash hit song ‘Peach-Colored Unrequited Love’ (2002), a cute ditty about a girl who’s trying to tell a boy how she feels. Compared to Aya’s peach-colored dithering, though, the Rice Girls are much more pragmatic. They cut right to the chase and tell the rice exactly how they feel. Sadly, they are human beings, and the rice is, er, rice, so their love can never be consummated, except by rice consumption. And I thought my love life was complicated.

Rice Girls are not the first mature women pop group to rock our world. We first became enamored of a 47-member group from Osaka called Obachaaan, with their signature animal-print outfits and outgoing craziness. No matter how old, there’s no excuse for not rocking out in Japan!

Source, featured image Hamster Sokuhou