Mini husky

Large dogs are so cute, but sometimes we wish they were a little smaller. Their massive bodies take up a lot of room (especially when your 60 pound golden retrievers think they are lap dogs and always find themselves on the couch [true story]) and they come with too much hair that seems to get everywhere. But one clever large dog owner turned their husky’s continually shedding fur into a positive. No, that’s not a little puppy sitting next to this husky dog. It’s actually a miniature doll made out of the husky’s hair!

Originally found on Twitter, the following images surfaced on Acid Cow and have been delighting internet users all over Japan. We’re not sure which is cuter, the dog or its mini look-alike.

Mini husky2

Mini husky3

Mini husky4

Mini husky6

Mini husky7

Mini husky8

We really wish we could know what this husky is thinking lying next to a miniature version of itself. Since it’s made of the same hair and looks very similar, maybe this pup thinks the doll is its own puppy.

Mini husky5

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