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In all honesty, until this afternoon we didn’t even know such a thing as a hand flute existed, but Japan’s Mitsuhiro Mori has not only proved that it does, he has completely blown us away in the process.

Accompanied by his bandmate on piano, Mitsuhiro uses his bare hands as an instrument and can produce virtually any note to perform entire musical pieces. And this is no mere parlour trick either – click the link for a full video of this young man’s dazzling ability.

The best anyone here at the RocketNews24 office can do is produce something that sounds like the offspring of an emphysemic owl and a broken accordion, but close your eyes and you’d swear Mitsuhiro here was playing an ocarina rather than simply blowing into his own hands.

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Mitsuhiro and his college friend and pianist Keisuke Usuda joined together to form “Piano and Hand Flute Duo Childhood” after Usuda was so impressed by his new friend’s unusual skill that he suggested they put it to use. Together, the pair have appeared on dozens of TV shows and even produced CD albums as well as dazzling audiences in numerous countries around the world.

Take a listen and see why.

Childhood currently have a number of dates scheduled for performances in Japan. If you’re in the country and would like to see them live, check out their homepage via the link below.

Source: DDN Japan
Childhood photo via Childhood official homepage