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This fall has people across the globe down with a case of Pokémon fever, ever since the release of Nintendo’s first 3-D Pokémon game set, X and Y. Thanks to one of the game’s brand-new features, Pokémon Amie, it’s possible to build greater bonds with our battling monsters than ever before, by petting, feeding, and playing games with them. Still, not even that comes close to the adorable magic of having an actual creature to cuddle.

Niconico Douga user, Tatsuno’otoshigo (meaning seahorse), filled that hole in her heart by crafting her own Pokémon plushies with needle felting! Her ever-expanding pokédex of wooly little monsters is the envy of many collectors. But it’s hard to say if she’d be willing to trade. Her videos reveal exactly how much love she puts into each and every pokémon.

Needle felting is a craft that uses barbed needles to tangle wool into matted, 3-D forms. Tatsuno’otoshigo uses this slow but simple method to put together fluffy, little plushies of fanciful pokémon from all the generations’ games.

▼ Chespin wants to be your brand new starter. It’s hard to say no to that bucktooth grin.

pokemon felt01

▼ Sylveon confused us before we knew there was a fairy type.

pokemon felt07

▼ Plusle and Minon come as a pair, naturally.

pokemon felt06

▼ Flaffy’s wool looks suitably soft, but we’re told it’s also static electric.

pokemon felt02

▼ Flareon, with that fiery mane is a blast from the past,  coming at us from Gen 1.

pokemon felt03

▼ Wooper, Pelipper, and Gulpin observe the birth of their brethren.

pokemon felt05

All-in-all these hand-crafted cuties are so sweet, I’d almost want to join Team Rocket for the chance to take one! But, that would be bad. So instead, I’ll just polish my Pokeballs and wait patiently for Tatsuno’otoshigo’s next miniature masterpiece.

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)
Images: Niconico Douga

▼ Check out Tatsuno’otoshigo’s Niconico Channel for the full list of her step-by-step felting videos, or stick around here to see a few of our favorites!