shiba mosaic small 2 のコピー

Now, pet owners may love their cat or dog to bits and consider them a member of the family, and that’s all fine and well. But I have a feeling that many owners, if being truthful, will also admit that all the hair that their beloved furry companions shed can sometimes drive them crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s bad enough to make you want to give up owning any piece of clothing, linen or carpeting that’s not the same color as your pet’s fur.

But just exactly how bad can the “fur situation” be for, say, the average dog owner? Well, we’ve found a shockingly amusing picture that shows us! So, ready to face the hairy truth about dogs?


In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words! The dog in this photo is a Japanese Shiba Inu , and they don’t even have particularly long coats. Still, this little canine has managed to produce an impressive load of loose fur — enough for a whole dog, by the looks of the picture.

The photo was posted earlier this month on the Japanese picture and information sharing blog site Agohige Kaizokudan with the caption title, “This is how much hair a Shiba dog sheds this time of year“. Well, the person responsible for this picture certainly gets high marks for artistic creativity from us. The idea and presentation are both brilliant! But if this is the amount of hair that is shed by a Shiba dog, it’s also scary to think what it may be like for dogs with long hair. And it probably doesn’t matter how much you brush your dog, it’s still going to be a constant battle between you and stray dog hairs. But of course you still love your dog with all your heart — I mean who cares about a little hair when you see that endless devotion shining in those puppy eyes, right?

Although, if you don’t have a dog and you’re considering getting one, this picture could maybe make you stop and think … well, at least you’ve been warned of the hairy situation you’re getting into!

Source and photo: Agohige Kaizokudan (Japanese)