Imagine that you’re running late for an important appointment. Rushing out of the house, you hop into your car, hastily buckling up and zooming off, praying that the roads are clear. Just barely five minutes on the road and you get caught at a red light. To make things worse, a lovey-dovey couple are staring into each other’s eyes as they slowly make their way across the pedestrian crossing, oblivious to the traffic lights changing from red to green.

Cursing under your breath, you impatiently tap on your GPS in an attempt to find the fastest way to your destination, and realize that you can take a shortcut by turning into a narrower road at the next turn ahead. Revving up, you decide to take the shortcut, doing an imaginary drifting move around the curve and swiftly slipping into the alley, only to find yourself caught in an immense jam of nearly a dozen buses lined up on that single lane. What the f#@%?!

Turns out, some inconsiderate hog parked his car in the middle of the road, just so he could get some takeout. Seriously?

Enough of imagining things. Forget the drifting and the obnoxious couple waltzing across the street, the part about a street getting jammed up with buses was true. On a bustling street in Taipei city, Taiwan, a self-centered man unceremoniously brought his vehicle to a halt, flicked on the hazard lights, and stepped out to buy himself some lunch as if he were the king of the street.


The two-way street had only two lanes for traffic flowing in opposite directions, leaving drivers without an option of overtaking the unmoving vehicle. It was said that the tactless driver left his car unattended for a good 10 minutes, resulting in a traffic standstill on one of the lanes. Up to 10 buses and several other vehicles had no choice but to wait for “his majesty” to return to his ride with his royal meal.

After being stalled for a couple of minutes, a few clueless drivers got out from behind the wheel to check what happened, only to find the car empty, leaving them baffled. Just as they were considering the possibility of this being a prank, or some unexplainable supernatural occurrence, a middle-aged man emerged from the food outlet along the street and leisurely strolled towards the vehicle, calmly depositing his takeout bag in the backseat before languidly moving around to get in the car and driving off without a care for the massive jam behind him.


That outlet must serve some really good food. Either that or he must have been seriously starving. A curious citizen surprised by the sight of the long queue of buses took a video of the scene, managing to capture the ungracious driver on camera. The video was put up on YouTube, and later picked up by a local news station, but there have been no updates as to whether the thick-headed road hog was penalised for his inconsiderate behavior.

Source: ETtoday
Image: YouTube