Sometimes, the best advice is based on what you shouldn’t do rather than what you should. After all, oftentimes there is only one totally correct way to handle a situation, but there are varying degrees of wrong ways.

Case in point: Buying a gift for your girlfriend. Your girlfriend probably has something very specific in mind and, while it’s not a total disaster if you don’t get the exact right thing, getting her something totally off base can put a serious dampener on the relationship.

So guys, break out your notepads and listen carefully. Japan’s Naver Matome has compiled a list of the very worst gifts Japanese women have received from their boyfriends. It’s safe to say you should strike all of these off your gift shopping list immediately:

Accessories that don’t match any of her clothes

It’s not that hard to take a look at her wardrobe in advance, fellas. Actually understanding which accessories match those clothes? You’re on your own there.

Clothes that aren’t her style/size

Again, a quick peek at her clothes will tell you where she likes to shop and, just as importantly, what size she is. Don’t just eyeball it; getting her clothes that are way too big is the best way to ensure you will never see her naked again.

Frog earrings

Animal earrings are the all-seasons equivalent to ugly reindeer sweaters. You should avoid them. Even if you think frogs are cool.

A box of tissues

Some guy actually got his girlfriend a box of tissues for White Day (when men give gifts in return following Valentine’s Day). Take our advice: if you realize last-second you forgot about a special date, just fess up. A box of tissues is like saying, “I remembered our anniversary, and I think this is all you deserve.”


An original drawing

Unless you’re a legitimate artist and you’re willing to draw her like one of your French girls, don’t even think about it.

An original poem (complete with crappy drawings)

Poems are also a bad idea. Someone will find it in the dumpster a few hours later and it might end up on the Internet.

▼ Like this masterpiece.


A miniature of his favorite motorcycle/a Gundam model

The guys that got these gifts will probably never have to worry about gift shopping for a woman again.

A weight scale

Do we need to explain why this is a dumb idea?

▼ No, not a good idea. No, not even if it’s fancy and transparent.


Breast enlargement drinks

Putting aside that these are almost certainly a scam product anyway, it really sends the wrong message. Personally, we think breasts of any size are one of nature’s greatest miracles (ladies…).

A room air freshener

Getting a significant other an air freshener without expressly being asked to get an air freshener is like giving that random guy on the train with bad breath a stick of gum for “no reason.”

A novelty good he found on the floor at his office

Just say no to stolen novelty goods.

Let us know your “worst gift ever” in the comments section below!

Source: Naver Matome
Top photo: Wikimedia Commons
Inset 1: RocketNews24
Inset 2: Wikimedia Commons