Kim Jong-Un

It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s once again time for the earth’s creepiest and most terrifying beings to come out of the shadows and walk amongst the living. Or perhaps that should be “come out of their self-imposed isolation and party with the rest of us”?

These photos, which show one Hong Konger’s exceptional Kim Jong-un cosplay, are currently setting South Korean bulletin board sites ablaze, with many applauding the cosplayer’s attention to detail and his striking similarity to North Korea’s rotund leader.

Now tell us, dear reader, that if you were walking down a busy street in Hong Kong one night and bumped into this young man you wouldn’t recoil in horror…

Kim Jong-un proper

This faux-Kim was, perhaps unsurprisingly, soon surrounded by people taking snaps, and presumably wondering if it really was Kim Jong-un himself taking a little time off from pointing at things or defying the laws of nature for photo ops.

South Korea’s online community had this to say on viewing the photos:

This is almost better than the real thing!

I actually thought he was the real deal!

This is really a cut above the rest.

Superb make-up.

Just awesome.

We at RocketNews24 too have to admire this cosplayer’s dedication–not many people would be prepared to rock that haircut in public, Halloween or not!

kim proper

Source: Byoukan Sunday