scooter thief

While making his getaway after stealing a hot pink scooter, a wannabe thief in Szechuan, China found himself face to face with an extremely irate trio of vigilante sisters. The criminal did not get far with his ill-gotten and far-from-inconspicuous booty when one of the women recognized the pink scooter, and security cameras caught all of the action for our viewing pleasure! Check out the video after the jump.

A chance meeting in an elevator

At about 3:00 PM on October 6, a woman named Ms. Liu was riding an apartment building elevator up to the floor where her sister lives. As she exited the elevator, a man wheeled a hot pink scooter on and hurriedly tried to press one of the elevator’s buttons.

Unfortunately for the criminal, Ms. Liu realized that this flashy scooter was her sister’s and the man was trying to steal it.

Scooter thief vs. vigilante sister: round one

Ms. Liu acted quickly and rammed her own scooter into the man. He counteracted by kicking the makeshift battering ram. Realizing the elevator would not move if something was in the doorway, she stood her ground and pushed the scooter into the elevator making sure the thief could not go anywhere.

With Ms. Liu stuck blocking the door and the thief trapped in the elevator, the two seemed to be at an impasse.

Vigilante trio unites!

Ms. Liu’s two sisters must have heard the yelling in the hallway and soon come rushing to aid the fight against the scooter thief. The trio unites and tries to pull the man out of the elevator. The man furiously punches and kicks, while one of the sisters uses a metal ladle as a melee weapon. To see what happens next in the elevator showdown, watch the video below!

We can only assume this criminal underestimated this trio of strong-willed sisters and he must be unfamiliar with the stereotype that Szechuan women are very tough. This is not the first time we have seen a criminal mess with the wrong innocent bystander, but hopefully seeing video evidence of vigilante justice will make evil-doers think twice!

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