Yogurt is a fairly healthy food, we’d say. A lot of what you buy at the store might have bit too much sugar in it, but at least it’s not a candy bar, right? And yogurt drinks seem equally healthy in our estimation. Again, it’s got to be better than having a Mega Gulp Mountain Dew.

Unless…your yogurt drink explodes and nearly breaks your face, that is.

Earlier this month, in Nanchang, the capital of China’s Jiangxi Province, a 58-year-old man returned home from work and decided to have a fruit-filled yogurt drink–something that ended up being the single biggest mistake he made that day!

As the middle-aged man was opening the drink, he heard a loud hissing sound like that of escaping gas. Thinking this was probably not what you should hear from a non-carbonated yogurt drink, he decided to take it outside. Unfortunately, he didn’t move fast enough, and the drink exploded in his hand, its contents erupting and hitting the man squarely in his right eye.

▼Here’s a photo of him days after the incident with most of the bruising cleared up.


However, this wasn’t just a smack to the eye–his face swelled up and the internal bleeding from the strike was so bad that the man was actually hospitalized. Doctors kept him for observation since they weren’t able to confirm that he wouldn’t suffer from loss of eyesight until the swelling had subsided. In fact, some concern remains that this poor guy might still lose part of his vision.

All from a bottled yogurt drink!

According to the Chinese gentleman, the bottle went off “like a grenade.” If fact, the explosion was so loud that he said he couldn’t hear anything afterwards. Obviously, he couldn’t see either, and he commented that it was far beyond anything he could have imagined from a freaking yogurt drink. If it makes him feel better, it’s way beyond what we could imagine too!


Wanting to smooth things over with their customer, the drink maker decided to present the wounded man and his family with 10 boxes of yogurt drinks and apologized deeply for the unfortunate incident. However, the man refused their offer, saying, “Just looking at them is scary.” We can’t say we blame him!

It’s unclear exactly how this case will be settled, but we sincerely hope the poor guy doesn’t lose any of his vision. And now we will never get close to a yogurt drink again without a face mask and a blast shield. Friendly bacteria indeed…

Images: ET Today, Apple Daily
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