We have written a handful of articles about cute character-shaped doughnuts and cakes that can be found in Japan. Adorable food is probably something that would sell in any country, but what if such Western snacks are not a common choice among the locals, like in China, for example? The creative canteen ladies at the Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin recently cooked up their own version of animal-shaped snacks, in the form of Chinese steamed buns, and they’re selling like, well, hotcakes.

According to a student, the institution has several cafeterias on campus, but these colorful buns are only available at one cafeteria. The steaming hot news of these creative munchies was soon the hottest topic in school, and students were rushing to get a taste of the steamed snacks.


As these animal buns are handmade by the lady cooks of the cafeteria, they are produced fresh every day, and word is that they are so popular, they sell out within the morning. That is quite a feat considering that these little creatures cost RMB$2.50 (US$0.41) each, which is more than five times the price of a regular steamed bun.

▼ Peacock with colorfully detailed tail feathers.

The motherly ladies thought of creating these unusual balls of flour in order to motivate the students to study harder. We don’t know how that works, but it seems that more students are now getting out of bed earlier just so that they can get their hands on one of those funky animals.

▼ We have no idea what this is…

When pictures of the eye-popping snacks were posted online, many youngsters responded with comments of envy, saying that if their school canteen had such cute food they wouldn’t mind waking up at six in the morning to have them for breakfast. Well, guess this proves that character-shaped food is indeed something that whets appetites worldwide!

Source: ETtoday
Image: Wangyi News