In what’s being called an unprecedented cyber-attack, an unnamed individual suddenly began posting an assortment of images of cute Japanese girls on a message board. Productivity screeched to a halt as scores in the IT industry forgot what they were doing for a moment.

No terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the photo dump but authorities are suspecting it to be the work of an individual who “appears to be really into women.” The following are the images posted in the attack. Be warned they may lead to third-degree procrastination.

The thread began with images of Wu Benbao. The first few were taken by child153. More of child153’s work can be found on their blog or Flickr account.

Another shot of Wu by Chung Yi Lun who also has a blog and flickr account for more works.

And a few other random ones of Wu Benbao, who previously made a splash over the internet a few years ago.

Image: Pixnet

Image: flickriver – Hunto

Image: imgur

Image: ck101

Then there was a few minutes of silence. Amused netizens chimed in with comments of “she was famous wasn’t she” and “I think she was in an idol group.” The spammer struck again with photos of Taiwan’s Sunny Lin cosplaying as Boa Hancock in 2011 more of which can be seen on Yu-Cheng Hsiao’s flickr page.

Silence fell again. One commenter could barely utter, “She’s my type,” when another burst of photos came out, this time images of a Taiwanese girl who appears to go by several names including Lin Caomei.

Images: Pixnet

Image: ck101

Image: ck101

Immediately after they struck again, this time with Taiwanese model Dou Hua Mei whose photos can be found on her facebook page.

When the dust settled this time one groggy viewer commented on the streak of girls from Taiwan saying, “Japanese girls are the best,” to which the photo dumper agreed and began posting pictures of idol singer Airi Suzuki.

Image: Cutejapan

Image: Hphello

He then followed with some photos of model Yumi Sugimoto.

Image: modxtoy

Image: Daum

Image: Tistory

The photo dumper then appeared to show signs of remorse saying, “I’m only posting girls I think you’d like.” Immediately after they unleashed a final onslaught of girls starting with Peng Peng.

Image: HotHK

Followed by a few shots of Miho Tanaka including this controversial picture of her from last year sitting by a pack of cigarettes.

Image: Soccertraford

Then another user tried to counter attack with a photo of Rina Aizawa.

Image: idolmodel

However, the photo dumper countered with their own Rina pic.

Image: egloos

It was followed by another flurry including  one of Tian Yuan.

Image: blog48

It seemed all was lost until one user posted an image of Olympic gold-medalist judo-ka turned politician Ryoko Tani. For some unknown reason that caused the photo dumper to stop.

The person responsible for this flood of female pictures is still at large. We hope that anyone who might have information leading to this person – particularly to his or her instagram account – contacts RocketNews24 immediately… for justice and stuff.

Source: mudaindocument (Japanese)