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In a city as big as Tokyo, you can visit thousands of stores for a simple coffee and a light snack. If a café or coffee shop wants to earn itself some online attention or news coverage, it has to bring something truly unique to the table. These four specially themed cafés have managed to do just that, earning themselves a spot on Naver Matome’s list of “Novelty Café’s that I’d like to Take a Peak at.” Let’s see for ourselves what the Japanese Internet found so interesting.

1. Bunbogu (Stationary) Café – Jingumae

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The Bunbogu Café uses paper and writing utensils as the basis of the shop’s simplistic design. The walls are lined with shelves and bins containing various office and art supplies, and the restaurant’s humble book corner is bursting with books and magazines about stationary and the like. The tables even have drawers, where more writing utensils are stored. This shop sounds like the perfect place for swanky college students to go study. As a special treat, anyone who pays 700 yen (US$7) to become a member will receive a key engraved with the name of the café and a card which reads “I love writing utensils.”

2. Takajo Chaya (Falconer’s Café) – Mitaka

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The Falconer’s Café gives patrons the opportunity to observe living birds of prey from close range. The owner of the shop has been a falconer for more than 40 years and created the café as a way to share his love and experience with other people with similar interests. People can even bring their own birds of prey with them to socialize while they eat. In addition, the café acts as a storefront for buying bird handling equipment and the animals themselves!

3. 10sion (pronounced ‘tension’) – Shibuya

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10sion offers an experience similar to that of Japanese maid cafes in that patrons pay by the hour and are offered some pretty standard dishes like rice omelets, and there are photo opportunities listed on the menu. The difference is that after the initial “Irasshaimase,” (Welcome to our store) the workers, all trendy young women, use speech patterns that are usually reserved for close friends, rather than customers. What they offer is more than just food and friendly company. Women are encouraged to drop in and have their eye make-up done to perfection for 3,500 yen (US$35.60).

RocketNews24’s very own Mr. Sato took a trip to this one-of-a-kind café in the spring of last year, where he ordered the fried noodles and a 1,000 yen (US$10) “harem shot,” which is basically the opportunity to take a picture surrounded by girls. There is also a 1,200 yen “profitable cocktail,” which comes with a game. One must wear a silly blindfold while the bartender mixes a random drink. Then if a person can correctly guess the name of the drink, they’re given the cocktail of their choice at no extra cost!

4. Usagi no Kan (The Rabbit House) – Akihabara

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Now, this last one, the Usagi no Kan, isn’t much of a café, because it doesn’t serve any food or drinks. But, if you compare it to the country’s commonly found cat cafés, including it in the list doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. The Usagi no Kan sells time spent with bunnies. The place even offers private rooms, so you can keep a monopoly over the rabbit of your choice. Play to your heart’s content, and if you find that you share a real bond with your rabbit, it can be easily purchased to take home with you. The cosplaying shop staff, referred to as “kousagi” or “baby girl bunnies,” would be more than happy to help.

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Images: Alternative Blog, Daily Portal Z, Piichan, RocketNews24, Usagi no Kan blog