Men often say that women are impossible to understand. Well, there are certain things that women can never understand about men too. There’s a never-ending list of things that the opposite genders can never agree on, including the subject that can make or break relationships in their fragile, early stages: where to go on a date.

A Korean website recently conducted a survey in which 1,200 male and female office workers were asked to talk about the date spots they both liked and disliked. If you’ve ever wished you had a Korean girlfriend, here are five dating options you should avoid like the plague!

Korean women’s top five most hated date spots.

  • 5th place: Anywhere crowded

Think you can get her to stick close to you by taking her to a bustling night market or festival? What she’s more likely thinking is whether her makeup is melting or if there are pickpockets targeting her purse.

  • 4th place: Any date involving strenuous (unsexy) activity 

Okay, we can’t deny that a date outdoors with plenty of sunshine and fresh air is refreshing once in a while, but even if your girl doesn’t mind breaking a sweat, she might mind the stench of your sweat-soaked tee-shirt, especially if she wasn’t expected your “day in the country” to be a full-on hike. Besides, you wouldn’t want to mess with a girl when she’s dirty, exhausted and painfully aware that she’s not looking her best despite wanting to make a good impression during the early stages of a relationship.

  • 3rd place: Stay-home date

Snuggling up at home might be cozy and relaxing, but it seems quite a number of Korean girls would rather have their boyfriends take them out for a movie instead of watching a rented DVD at home. Maybe save this one for a few months into the relationship, guys.

  • 2nd place: The “foolproof” date course

Dinner, followed by a movie, and then a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. Sure, nothing seems wrong with this date on paper, except for the lack of any sort of surprise or originality, but it turns out a lot of Korea’s ladies think this is just too routine and uninspired. Guess we can’t rely on dad’s dating tips after all! Guys are probably cool with routine date courses, but some girls might think you’re not putting enough effort into romancing them if you follow the tried-and-tested approach.

  • The worst date ever: A date with extremely tight purse strings

A free art exhibition you’ve never been interested in. Parking close to Disneyland to watch the fireworks from afar. Having dinner at a roadside stall. It seems that having the gentleman pay for his lady is the unspoken dating rule in Korea (though there are always exceptions), so we can understand if a young man is reluctant to part with his humble paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with using money wisely, but there’s a fine line between being thrifty and downright stingy.

So guys, even if you can’t figure out what her ideal date plan is, the least you can do is to steer clear from those she detests. Though with bills to pay and working hours to obey, it is quite a challenge to attempt something out of the box, so we’re not taking sides on this one.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering where Korean men like to head out on dates, here’s the rundown!

1st: A restaurant that serves some good beer and fried chicken
2nd: Movie theatre
3rd: Stay-home date
4th: Water theme park
5th: Internet cafe

Internet cafe for a date? At first we thought these dating no-nos were a little bit obvious, but if your idea of a romantic night out is making her watch you play WoW on a rented PC, perhaps these guys should be paying a little more attention. Be sure to let us know your ideal – or better yet worst ever – date spots in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Kankokuiko, Naver, LoveforM, Woman.excite, YuchontoJYJ