This morning Japanese websites all over lit up with pictures of Fukuoka-based idol Kanna Hashimoto. After images including the one above broke on message boards, idol fans across the nation tipped Hashimoto as their choice for the next superstar calling her “seriously, an angel” and admitting “I hate idols, but she’s cute…”

Hashimoto performs with the multi-girl idol group Rev. from DVL out of the Hakata region of Fukuoka. Now I’m just going to let your mind wrestle with what that name means until the end of the article.

As this following video shows, even as a part of this regional group Hashimoto positively shined, being the only member who doesn’t require a microphone to perform.

Once the above photo and these following images were released, netizens scrambled to learn more about the performer. Many commented that it’s no surprise she should come out of Fukuoka, a prefecture notorious for producing cute girls prompting the creation of its very own “Cute Ward.”

During the internet excavation a video surfacing in which Kanna Hashimoto recommended the surprisingly darkly themed novel The Incite Mill by Honobu Yonezawa, which tells the story of a group of people competing for a dream job by trying to murder each other in a futuristic dungeon.

Although this makes her much cooler in my eyes, some idol fans weren’t overly thrilled with her looks in this particular video. Some felt she was still cute but not at the same angelic level as the above pictures. She’s still only 14 though, and has a lot of growing up to do, so let’s not be too hard on the kid! In fact here she was enjoying some Pokémon toys from HottoMotto only a few years ago.

Most netizens remain firm in Kanna Hashimoto’s potential to reach for the stars in the idol circuit saying she’s “AKB48 caliber.” Others go as far as saying she’s even beyond being a mere idol and should break out on her own into stardom.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for this young lady, but already she’s gotten the country’s attention so it’s looking pretty bright. And judging by this last picture we’ll leave you with, she’s looking forward to it with all the determination of a third-world despot looking to crush their rebel foes once and for all!

Source: Active Hakata, Rokkaku Talent News, Naver Matome, Itai News (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – BeatriceRatio, SHOSEN CHANNEL, mfluder1111

**In case you’re still wondering: The name Rev. from DVL has two parts. “Rev.” is both an abbreviation for “revolution” and a homophone for rêve, french for “dream” and accredited to the country of Haiti for some reason. “DVL” is an acronym for Dance Vocal Lesson, the Hakata studio that they come out of.**