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So let’s imagine you had horrible parents. They never told you to eat your vegetables or wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, and you grew up without being warned about judging people based solely on their appearance.

One day you’re walking along the beach, winded from your lack of nutrients and itchy because of your filthy hands, when you come across the woman pictured above. What do you think she does for a living? She’s got a model-quality beauty, the lithe build of a yoga instructor, and the easy grace of a singer/songwriter. It’s got to be one of those three, right?

Don’t let the lack of a neckbeard fool you. Jin Ying Gang, the woman you see here, puts food on the table working as a programmer in China.

The photogenic Jin Ying Gang has been gaining fans through her appearances in the online photo collection Sekai de Yuiitsu no Kimi (There’s Only One of You in the World). In contrast to the painted and digitally altered beauties of more lascivious websites dedicated to attractive women, Sekai de Yuitsu no Kimi celebrates a more natural look, with its subjects appearing in little to no makeup. This, we can get behind.

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Her specialty is software development, and she also handles maintenance responsibilities. Of course, she doesn’t quite gel with most people’s visual perception of people who spend their working hours manipulating lines of code.

▼ Literally the first image Google gives when searching for “programmer”

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Jin Ying Gang’s easy-on-the-eyes appearance has earned her the nickname Program Goddess among her loyal devotees.

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While Jin Ying Gang’s photos show her in a variety of locations, some fans still aren’t quite satisfied with the selection.

Dude, why no shots of her programming?

Come on, give us some pics of her coding!

True. We want proof that she’s a programmer and this isn’t some horrible trickery designed to lure nerds into a trap!

▼ No, no! Coding, not combing!

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▼ Maybe she’s thinking about code.

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The lack of visual confirmation of her in the workplace also led one commentator to question her credentials.

I don’t recognize anyone as a programmer unless they’re working in C++.

▼ We don’t recognize anyone as cute unless they look good with bunny ears.

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A few others also think the idea of a good-looking girl who’s into computers is too good to be true.

I can tell by looking at her. She’s selfish.

▼ What did we just say about judging people by their appearance? And go wash your hands!

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We also came across this grumble:

A lot of girls who are into science are strange.

▼ Yes, strangely photogenic.

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Still, Jin Ying Gang’s supporters outnumber her detractors, with some men taking inspiration from her professed profession as they wax poetic.

She’s so beautiful, for a moment I thought she was a line of really well-written code.

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And finally, there’s the man who expressed his feelings in the most fundamental way he knew how.


We’d like print the scandalous translation of his binary love letter, but sorry, this is a family site.

▼ Even Jin Ying Gang is startled by the boldness of his declaration.

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Source: Kopipe Sokuhou
Top image: Kopipe Sokuhou
Insert images: Kopipe Sokuhou, Creattica