With the success of the romantic saga of the spirit of mushrooms and his muse underway in Japan, it’s now time to see what’s going on in Thailand.

The following commercial from earlier this year shows us how loose broadcast regulations appear to be in some Southeast Asian countries. It’s chocked full of  sexual innuendo which is interesting considering it’s essentially an ad for a big bag of crap.

The commercial opens with a farmer toiling away in his fields, digging up a cassava plant. Suddenly, three ladies wearing Hooters-style uniforms appear from nowhere and begin doing a sexy dance, with lots of cleavage thrusting. The farmer gets worked up into a frenzy and begins tugging at the cassava plant until it pops. He then breathes a sigh of relief.

Finally, the dancing ladies explode – as dancing ladies all too often do – and transform into a big bag of manure. The commercial closes with the farmer holding up his girthy cassava roots with a look on his face as if to say “you know what this is, right?”

Granted, this ad lacks the emotional tension of the mushroom spirit, but it definitely gives the viewer more up-front thrills. You’d think mushrooms and fertilizers are two closely related products but apparently the demographics for each are worlds apart.

Source: YouTube – clubalchemists0149 via IT Media (Japanese)