This might be old news, but just in case some of you missed the hoo-ha, this is Ippo, the baby zebroid who surprised the world with her beautiful mix of brown and stripes when she was born in July this year. A zebroid is the hybrid offspring of a zebra and any type of equine. Just look at the Italian beauty’s coat, she’s simply Mother Nature’s fashion statement!

Ippo is the bambino of a male zebra and a female donkey, making her one of the very few zonkeys in the world. Her parents met at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy. The animal reserve takes in abused animals and animals from failing establishments such as circuses and zoos. It has more than 170 animals under its care at present, including Ippo’s father, a zebra adopted from a closing zoo, and her mother, an endangered Italian breed known as the Donkey of Amiata.

Apparently, the lusty zebra climbed over the fence of his enclosure and ventured into the donkey’s territory to mate, and the forbidden rendezvous gifted them with Ippo, the sexy-legged zebra-donkey hybrid. We’ve heard romantic stories of princes climbing walls and breaking barriers to meet his beloved princess, but who would’ve thought animals were partial to such melodrama too!





▼ Ippo has her mom’s physique and her dad’s stripes.

The birth of Ippo has brought an increasing number of visitors to the animal reserve, all in hopes of catching a glimpse of the fascinating zebroid in real life.

Like most equine hybrids, a zonkey has extremely low chances of reproducing due to their flawed genetic make-up. While it is sad that we probably won’t get to see Ippo having striped babies of her rare kind, at least it’s good to know that zebroids usually grow up healthy.

Readers in Italy, send our greetings to Ippo if you get a chance to see her!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Karapaia