Way back in 2011, a mild mannered guitarist using the handle Astroboy15ify posted a video of him playing “Let It Be” on YouTube. There it sat for years until being unearthed by netizens now spreading this man’s truly unique vocal stylings all over the internet.

The video of Astroboy playing the Beatles’ hit song was accompanied by a cute message.

“Hello ! My name is Hiroshi. I am Japanese. I live in Nara.Please enjoy my recording of Let It Be.Thankyou.”

This was followed by a message in Japanese.

“I can’t speak much English, but I want to share this song for native speakers all over.”

This rendition of a touching ballad struck a chord with netizens in Japan who replied with comments of:

“Oh my god the chorus lol.”
“The guitar was good… Hahahaha”

However, it wasn’t all cynical music and English pronunciation elitists laughing at Astroboy’s repeated chants of “redditit be.” Some were digging it by looking up other works by him while others at the very least admitted “I don’t hate this.”

Meanwhile, on the YouTube comments section dozens of viewers lent Astroboy their words of support and many suggested pronunciation tips in only the past few days. Whether by humor or cuteness, it’s hard not to smile at this song.

Source: YouTube – astroboy15ify via Kinisoku (Japanese)

Here are some other works by Astroboy.