Pop quiz, fellas! You’re standing on the street and a very attractive woman is walking across a subway grate when, wouldn’t you know it, a gust of wind blows her skirt up revealing her underwear. Would you consider this an especially good day?

If you answered “yes” then guess what? You’re old!

At least that’s what a survey conducted by a Japanese erotic game company is suggesting, and I’m inclined to trust them since their livelihoods depend on this kind of info.

The survey asked young men aged 18 to 20 various questions about their erotic preferences – chance glimpses of women’s underwear being one of them. A sizable 68 percent of respondents said they were “not interested in actual sightings of women’s panties.”

When asked why they didn’t feel any interest, most respondents said there was “no particular reason” for their lack of interest. However, a few did elaborate.

“I was into idols for a long time, so I’ve gotten used to seeing their underwear. Even if I saw a real girl’s panties, I wouldn’t be that interested because it’s just the same thing.” (college student)

That seems reasonable, and with the advent of the internet you almost have to put in effort to spend your day without seeing a woman’s underpants or a little bit of flesh. These young guys have been bombarded with such images to the point that they’ve grown up completely desensitized to it.

“Real panties are dirty. Compared to 2-D panties that are just a white silhouette, they’re sleazy. It’s not erotic at all.” (animation student)

Huh. Just a minute.

I have to say, I feel kind of sleazy having just made those 2-D panties. Still, I guess we should be proud of these youths not caving into their carnal urges whether by overexposure to idols or sterilization by anime.

However, we do have to worry if this lack of interest in panties might be connected to a larger wane in the libido of younger males. Excite News, who reported these results, also contacted a major adult magazine who confirmed that younger people simply aren’t into candid panty shots of celebrities like their elders once were.

Thankfully, the erotic game survey reassures us that the kids are alright stating that, of the respondents who expressed not interest in underwear exposure, 90 percent are still interested in sex overall.

So while it looks like Marylin’s legendary images no longer hold sway over today’s youth there is still something out there putting lead in their pencils. Whatever that thing might be was understandably not revealed in this game maker’s survey. I’m going to go out on a limb however, and say that mushrooms might be involved.

Source: Excite News via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Top Image: Amazon
Inset Image: RocketNews24