Another day, another oddly specific “differences between two cities/regions” infographic. The following graphics seem to be taking the Internet by storm faster than so many .gif-laden “listicles” about how dogs are hilarious or something.

First, there were the pictographs about the differences between Germans and Chinese, then the one comparing Paris and New York, and now we get a look at Taiwan and Hong Kong. (Note: Some NSFW-ish language ahead.)

Like the artist of the Germans/Chinese pictographs, the author of these humorous comparison drawings was born in one country (Taiwan) and now lives in the other (Hong Kong), putting her in a good place to observe both cultures through a critical – and in this case scathingly sarcastic – lens.

▼ We assume this is commentary on the air quality, and not specifically about each culture’s enthusiasm for nose picking.


▼ People in Hong Kong resemble Tokyoites and New Yorkers in that literally everything is incredibly urgent.


▼ Kids are absolutely miserable in both countries.


▼People in Hong Kong flip out over mildly inclement weather.


▼ Ads for tutors look decidedly sexier in Hong Kong!


▼Waitresses in Hong Kong will eat you alive.


▼ But the customer service in department stores is great!


▼ Again, like New York, everything in Hong Kong is life or death.


▼ This should give you a good idea of your odds of dying on the way to the hospital in both countries.


▼ Don’t go to a Starbucks in Hong Kong expecting to use the “no ice” trick for more delicious latte.


▼Friends in Hong Kong communicate with each other in “arcane mahjong jargon.”


▼ We have no idea why people in both countries have hideous facial scars.


▼ Be careful not to get into arguments on the subway in Hong Kong. You’ll get your ass handed to you and video of it will almost certainly end up on the Internet.


▼ Hong Kong truck drivers are all model material, but apparently feel some kind of calling to the truck driving lifestyle.


▼ Attitudes of waitresses.


▼Again, because everything in Hong Kong is incredibly urgent, escalators move at approximately the speed of light.


As we touched in on our write-up of the Germans/Chinese pictographs, it’s never good to make knee-jerk generalizations about entire groups of people, but we can’t help but have a laugh at Jie Jie’s over-the-top illustrations.

Stay tuned for more “This Place is Different From That Place” infographics in the coming days since the Internet has tends to crank out memes faster than a Hong Kong woman frantically running down an escalator during an earthquake.

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