Following the devastation left by Haiyan (“Yolanda”) and the outpouring of support for the Philippines by the international community, a digital poster expressing thanks to all the helping countries appeared on Twitter. Pictured above, the image is really quite poignant with one hand covered in the flag of the Philippines reaching up and another covered in flags of the international community reaching down to help. Simple but clear–just how we like things!

But there’s a slight problem…it seems that whoever made this poster forgot about South Korea!

Now, we imagine that forgetting the South Korean flag was little more than an oversight and we have a hard time believing that anyone in the Philippines would intentionally try to slight the country. That certainly wouldn’t be a very classy move, would it?

▼ This is the one that got left out, in case you don’t know your flags.


However, some Internet commenters in South Korea are apparently a little upset by the omission of their flag! And, while we really doubt it was intentional, can you blame them? South Korea sent both money and medical staff as well as volunteers to aid in relief efforts. None of that is easy or cheap, we imagine, and no one likes to be forgotten. I mean, if you helped your friend after their car broke down, you’d be a bit annoyed if they didn’t at least say “Thank you,” right?

Still, with everything the Philippines has been through in the last week, we imagine a simple mistake like this would be easy to make. If anyone wants our advice on international diplomatic relations, we’d say that this might be a case where everyone should just hug it out over a beer (Why don’t people ask us for advice on international diplomatic relations more often??).

Japanese Internet users didn’t really have anything helpful to add, but this comment made us smile: “Maybe if you turn the palm up, you can find the South Korean flag!” That must be it. Quick! Someone make that poster!

Source: Itai News, Gadget News