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With Thanksgiving looming over our North American readers and the eatathon that is Christmas not far behind it, the folks at Creative Freaks are clearly worried about our waistlines. Following on from the success of last year’s Nenshou: Burn Your Fat with Me!! and July’s insult-you-until-you’re-slim-’em-up Nenshou for Girls, the developer has just released a true sequel to the fitness app-cum-dating sim, taking a slightly different approach this time around.

If having abs of steel and not breaking into a sweat halfway through your evening meal aren’t incentive enough for you, perhaps dating a moe-style cutie and having her be your personal trainer each day will be enough to get you off your couch and into your running shoes?

That’s right, running shoes! This time around, Burn Your Fat With Me!! focuses on the age-old act of putting one foot in front of the other in quick succession, billing itself as a “running support game” and promising even more fat-burning incentives in the form of pep talks, bouncing breasts and pert bottoms, as well as a plethora of genuinely useful tools for monitoring your exercise plan and keeping you quite literally on track.

There are of course plenty of sexually suggestive scenes to titillate users, but beneath its moe front-end Burn Your Fat With Me…2 offers a whole suite of modes, functions and options to help you stay motivated, record your progress and, just maybe, get in shape as you try to win your trainer’s heart.

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With the help of your phone’s GPS wizardry, Burn Your Fat With Me…2 is able to hold its own against even more serious running applications by providing data based on everything from running speed and paces per minute to distance covered and your regular workout patterns. You can even listen to your favourite tunes while running thanks to a built-in audio player, pounding your feet to the beat while glancing down at your phone to see an animated cutie jogging in front of you urging you to push on. Just be sure not to run into anything while you stare into your trainer’s sparkling eyes – you may be disappointed to find that hospital staff in the real world aren’t quite as cute as those in dating sims.

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▼ Burn fat and win the girl over 12 episodes

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▼ Keep track of your progress via charts, graphs and calendars.

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▼ Run outdoors to your favourite tracks

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Burn Your Fat With Me…2 is out now on the Japanese iOS App Store, priced at 100 yen (US$1) and coming to Android soon. We’re sure an English translation is already underway!

Source: Creative Freaks, iTunes