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During my university years, I had the pleasure of working part-time in a customer service role for a fairly well-known company in the UK. My job mainly involved manning the customer complaints line, apologising profusely on behalf of the company and asking customers in as nice a way as possible if they’d swear at me a bit less and not bring my mother into it. Happy days, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Some customer complaints are, of course, perfectly valid, and it’s only right that people should take a moment to voice their dissatisfaction when they feel they have been let down in some way. But as the following collection of tales from Japan’s netizens shows, for every reasonable customer complaint there are a dozen cases of customers behaving like idiots, demanding the impossible, or simply not knowing what they’re complaining about.

Shared by Japan’s Naver Matome, this collection of tweets from Japanese net users gives us a glimpse at what the people charged with being polite and courteous in one of the most polite countries in the world have to deal with.

▼ Rice, beef and onions. (Almost) everyone loves a good gyudon beef bowl!


Image: Girls Channel

I believe I requested a bowl of meat

“At [beef bowl restaurant] Sukiya, an old woman complained to the shop owner ‘Why is there rice in this?’ when they brought out her beef bowl. Umm…”

No Big Macs at Burger King and now this!

“At the JR ticket office at Yoyogi Station, a middle-aged guy was yelling, demanding to know ‘What do you mean I can’t buy a Toei (a totally different, privatised company) subway ticket here!? It’s the same station isn’t it!? They’re the same kind of trains aren’t they!? You civil servants are no good is what you are!'”

itadakiImage: thepleasuristguide

How quickly we forget

“Recently there has been an increase in the number of schools that have kids wait for the sound of a drum or a flute to play before eating rather than them all saying ‘itadakimasu‘ (lit. ‘I receive’, said before a meal) in unison. Some kids’ parents are claiming, ‘Well we pay for the school lunches, so they’re not exactly receiving, are they?’ The point is that you’re showing appreciation to the animal that gave its life for you to eat…”

Yes, that would be the point of the dish, sir…

“Out in a restaurant once, my boss complained to a waiter, ‘Excuse me, but the fish on top of this carpaccio is raw…'”

The kids want to get sexy, let them get sexy

“I had to admire the guy at our university who respond to complaints like “Are you aware that some of your students are working at hostess bars!? Do you really think that’s acceptable!?” by saying things like ‘We’re a university. We don’t tell them what to do. The students here are free to work if they want to, wherever they want to,’ and putting the phone down.”

Give us a chance to give!

“A old guy who always makes complaints at the shop where I work came in today and complained that our donations box is too small. That’s quite the complaint!”


Image: whimwhamvapes

The kid eats what he sees

“Some brat of a kid was eating the watermelon placed in front of my local supermarket without paying for it. His idiot parent was screaming at the store manager, “Well if you put it in a place like that of course he’ll eat it!’ What the hell!?”

Not paying for half a job

A guy came in with a Gundam plastic model and said, ‘When I opened the box I found that none of the model pieces were painted. This is a defective product, so I’d like to return it.’ I explained repeatedly that that’s how the old models come, but he just wouldn’t accept it. Haha geez…”

No thief of mine

“Working in a video game arcade, I sometimes hear of kids lying to their parents, telling them they’re going to cram school, or stealing money from them and coming to play. When their parents find out, rather than scolding them for stealing or lying, they get upset that their kids would frequent such a place as the local game centre.”


Image: Aleteia

Sir, you’re grossing everyone out…

“Recently, I’ve heard stories about family restaurants and places like McDonald’s banning local university students. It turns out that our university also received calls from McDonald’s saying, ‘Your students come to our restaurant to study. They spread their textbooks – which are full of graphic photos of autopsies and dissections – out on the tables, and it’s causing a disturbance.’ Yeah, I suppose that could be kind of a problem, sorry…”

So let’s all take a moment to breathe the next time we decide to unleash hell on a shop assistant or telephone operator. And remember, good customer service is important, but the customer isn’t always right…

Source: Naver Matome
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