Pupa is the touching (horror) story of extreme devotion between siblings, chronicled in a manga series. It tells the remarkably original tale of how a young girl became a monster craving to feed off human flesh, and how her older brother offered up his own living body as her “food source”. Spoiler alert: it takes a lot more than one meal to finish him off! If you’re anxious to check out it out, the anime version of Pupa was previously scheduled for autumn 2013, but a new release date of January 2014 was just announced via Twitter.

No, I don’t know what literally being eaten by someone feels like. As I’m not into Hannibal, I’m not sure I want to imagine.

How did this fraternal flesh-eating begin? Well, beautiful boy Utsutsu Hasegawa and his cute younger sister Yume were living together alone, victims of domestic violence inflicted by their cruel father. One fine day, Yume is waiting for her big brother (onii-chan) in the park when suddenly she sees red butterflies and undergoes a terrifying transformation for the worse. Despite Yume’s newfound hunger for flesh, brother Utsutsu heroically continues to love and protect her, with painful consequences.

If you’d like a taste, an English translation of the manga Pupa is available here.

And here is the trailer for the upcoming anime. “Onii-chan.. Oniii-chan..” is the hungry, whispery voice of Yume, calling out to her big brother. This trailer begins quite innocently and sweetly. The full horror is not revealed until the final scenes, where you are treated to Yume’s juicy chomping and munching, Utsutsu’s agony, and Yume popping raw, bloody flesh into her schoolgirl mouth.

Despite their non-traditional relationship, this is a story of love between brother and sister, and their daily lives go on somehow, with frequent and bloody interludes.

▼ Can’t imagine what being eaten feels like? Not to worry, someone already has, here’s a detailed description…

▼ Eating your brother can be a messy business.

Cannibal shock factor aside, this theme tends to be popular. From Hannibal to Twilight to innumerable zombie flicks, the appetite for human flesh and blood is on everyone’s lips.

Source: Jin115
Images by: Motegi Sayaka, author and artist of Pupa