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Okay, so technically the guitars are regular-sized and it’s the kids who are the small ones, but there’s something strangely creepy about this whole video, from the kids’ synchronised smiles and nods to the boys’ weird hairstyles and the fact that some of them look more like little old men than children.

Join us after the jump for the full video.

Shared via South Korean video site Daum, this clip allegedly comes from a North Korean broadcast. Quite when it was recorded, as with most things that come out of the famously secretive country, is unclear, but there’s no mistaking its origins.

We have to admit that these kids have some serious skills, and the fact that they’re managing to so deftly handle instruments that are far too big for them is admirable, but there is nevertheless something not quite right about this scene.

Could it be the weird expressions the kids pull in unison?

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The fact that some of them look like very small adults masquerading as children?

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Or simply that none of these kids actually act like kids, and have obviously been put through rigorous training for the sole purpose of performing this song, like an even more twisted child beauty pageant?

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We’re not sure quite what it is, so we’ll let you judge for yourselves. Here’s the video in full, but be warned that once the actual performance ends an unskippable ad will play, so get ready with that “back” button on your browser, or perhaps check out something cool right after watching it.

Source: Nemopan (Korean) via Kotaku US