Everything worth doing is worth doing to the extreme, if you ask us. So if you have a nice, juicy granny apple, sure, you could eat it as is, or you could spend 15 to 20 minutes with your fingers in dangerously close proximity to a sharp knife and make this adorable apple swan!

If you follow these instructions, it seems reasonably easy to consistently make these edible dinner decorations, but we hope your hand-eye coordination is up to snuff because the only thing more dangerous to your digits is playing that old saloon game “Five Fingers.”

First, cut your apple in half at a slight offset so you can cut all the way through the core. Save two seeds from the core to use later for eyes.

swan21 swan3

Now use two butter knives or whatever two short, identical objects you have lying around (nunchuks work great), and use them as a makeshift level to help you with a consistent cut as you slice out a wedge from one of the apple halves.

swan4 swan5 swan6 swan7

Hopefully, you’ve now cut out a little wedge of apple and you still have all ten of your fingers. All you have to do now is repeat the process three more times with increasingly small wedges.


Stagger the wedges over each other to create the wing, and repeat the process with the other apple quarter. Now that you’ve got your wings, cut out a groove in the top of the apple half for the head to go in.


Take your other apple half and use your levels to cut the half into strips. Find whichever strip looks most like a heart and then, with a few expert slices, you’ve got your swan head. Press those seeds you saved into the head where the eyes should be and stick the head into the groove you cut earlier and voila!

swan12 swan13 swan14 swan15 swan16 swan17

Astute readers may already have concluded that this whole process requires you to pass a knife through a hard object you are physically holding a total of 12 times. But not to worry: if you accidentally slip and squirt blood all over your new apple sculpture, you can just tell your dinner guests you were inspired by the movie Black Swan.


Check out the below video for step-by-step instructions.

Images: likecool.com

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