2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki hospital 2

Even though abandoned buildings seem more appropriate for movie villains, there is something undeniably soothing about seeing the quiet and still remains of a place abandoned by people. These deserted places, called “haikyo” in Japanese, can be stunningly beautiful in their serenity.

After documenting rundown schools, forgotten amusement parks and abandoned hospitals in Japan for his blog Totoro Times, French photographer Jordy Meow has turned his urban exploration into a book, “Nippon no Haikyo.” From haunted hospitals and silent schools to deserted hotels and creepy fun parks, click below to check out 50 images of these amazing haikyo sites throughout Japan.

To preserve the quality of these haikyo sites, Meow does not give out the exact locations of where he took many of the pictures except for some of the more popular well-known places. But be advised that many of these places are strictly off-limits to the public and as well as being potentially dangerous can give curious trespassers entry into another legendary Japanese site—jail!

1. Two satellite dishes at an abandoned U.S. Air Force base in Fuchu in western Tokyo

2013.12.1 haikyo fuchu base

2. Some decrepit control panels inside the Air Force base

2013.12.1 haikyo fuchu base 3

3. A hallway in front of a control room at the Air Force base

2013.12.1 haikyo fuchu base 2

4. A room plastered with graffiti inside the base

2013.12.1 haikyo fuchu base 4

5. Another room inside the forgotten site

2013.12.1 haikyo fuchu base 5

6. An abandoned water park, “Sports World Izunagaoka Resort,” on Shikuoka Prefecture’s Izu Peninsula

2013.12.1 haikyo izu sports world 4

7. A changing room at the water park with a surprising view

2013.12.1 haikyo izu sports world

8. These water slides at Sports World are looking pretty dry these days

2013.12.1 haikyo izu sportsworld 2

9. An abandoned wood-frame school in Ibaraki Prefecture2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki school

10. A pachinko parlor in Ibaraki Prefecture that has run out of luck

2013.12.1 haikyo iabraki pachinko parlour

11. This soapland (a Japanese bathhouse of ill repute) in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Mito City has seen better days

2013.12.1 haikyo soapland

12. “Do not enter” is spray-painted all around the soapland building

2013.12.1 haikyo soapland  2

13. The soapland’s foyer, note the creepy graffiti on the stairway that reads “If you go upstairs, you will die.”

2013.12.1 haikyo soapland 4

14. This soapland bed has not seen action for years

2013.12.1 haikyo soapland 7

15. Mother Nature has retaken the soapland windows The Last of Us style.

2013.12.1 haikyo soapland 5

16. A disturbing looking room inside the soapland

2013.12.1 haikyo soapland 6

17. The deserted streets of Nara Dreamland, which closed in 2006 after losing custom to Universal Studios Japan in neighboring Osaka

2013.12.1 haikyo nara dreamland

18. The Screw Coaster at Dreamland

2013.12.1 haikyo nara dreamland screw coaster

19. A look on the tracks of one of Dreamland’s roller coasters

2013.12.1 haikyo nara dreamland coaster

20. A wooden roller coaster at Dreamland that has been overtaken by nature

2013.12.1 haikyo nara dreamland coaster 2

21. Dreamland’s dreary emptiness at night

2013.12.1 haikyo nara dreamland 2

22. The Maya Hotel, which is located right next to the Maya Cable Car north of Kobe, was opened in 1929 but closed for good in 1995. This was the entrance hall where guests would have been greeted by staff.

2013.12.1 haikyo maya hotel entrance hall

23. The Maya Hotel’s dining room

2013.12.1 haikyo maya hotel dining room

24. One of the rooms at the Maya Hotel, which probably is more comfortable with a nice futon

2013.12.1 haikyo maya hotel room

25. A wedding hall near Mito City in Ibaraki Prefecture

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki wedding hall 2

26. Another room at the wedding hall

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki wedding hall

27. A huge room at the wedding hall with great lighting

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki wedding hall 3

28. The restrooms could do with a scrub…

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki wedding hall 4

29. Towering buildings at the famous Gunkanjima off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture. Before the coal mining island closed in the 1970s, it was one of the most densely populated places in the world.

2013.12.1 haikyo gunkajima

30. A hallway inside one of Gunkanjima’s deserted buildings. Looks harmless now, but imagine it at night, alone, after hearing a strange shuffling sound coming from somewhere in the building.

2013.12.1 haikyo gunkajima 2

31. An old pachinko game that might have kept Gunkanjima’s residents entertained years ago

2013.12.1 haikyo gunkajima 3

32. A rusted National brand refrigerator on Gunkanjima that once kept drinks cold for hard-working coal miners

2013.12.1 haikyo gunkajima 4

33. Where Gunkanjima residents came to turn their hair-don’ts into hair-dos.

2013.12.1 haikyo gunkajima hairdresser

34. Another look from higher up on Gunkanjima

2013.12.1 haikyo gunkajima 5

35. A statue greets haikyo explorers at an abandoned hospital in Ibaraki Prefecture

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki hospital

36. A hallway inside the hospital

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki hospital 2

37. One of the hospital rooms, complete with creepy old wheelchair.

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki hospital 3

38. A mystery box inside the hospital, which either holds ancient medical secrets or rats. I would put my money on the rats.

2013.12.1 haikyo ibaraki hospital 4

39. A deserted hospital campus in Saitama Prefecture

2013.12.1 haikyo saitama hospital

40. A doctor’s office inside one of the hospital buildings in Saitama Prefecture

2013.12.1 haikyo saitama hospital room

41. Not a scene from Silent Hill, but an operating room in the abandoned Saitama hospital

2013.12.1 haikyo saitama nichitsu surgical room

42. A long-unused blackboard at a school

2013.12.1 haikyo school 3

43. This classroom has seen better days and better attendance but is in surprisingly good condition

2013.12.1 haikyo school 2

44. Another classroom at an abandoned school

2013.12.1 haikyo school 1

45. This very sad piano sits alone just begging to be played by ghosts or something equally spooky

2013.12.1 haikyo school 4

46. After being hit by a typhoon in the 1960s, the Shiraishi limestone mines were abandoned and left in their present state

2013.12.1 haikyo shiraishi, mie mine 2

47. Inside the mines where the limestone powder sat and still sits

2013.12.1 haikyo shiraishi, mie mine

48. One of the machines at the mines

2013.12.1 haikyo shiraishi, mie mine 3

49. Room keys at an abandoned hotel resort on the shores of Lake Yamanaka near Mt. Fuji.

2013.12.1 haikyo lake yamanako keys

50. One of the hotel rooms at the lake resort that no longer hosts human guests

2013.12.1 haikyo lake yamamako hotel

I think we can all agree that these are some seriously spooky, yet beautiful, photos!

Source: Huffington Post
Images: Totoro Times