We’re perpetually jealous of anime characters. Being figments of someone’s imagination, anime protagonists are universally muscular, never have to diet, have awesome super powers and pretty much don’t have to give a single thought to our pathetic real person laws and social norms, so it’s unsurprising that many fans find some of their favorite anime characters to be both sexy and highly dateable.

A recent Tokyo Otaku Mode Survey posed the question to both men and women of 100 countries which anime characters they’d most like to date, with some surprising, and some not-so-surprising, results.

First, let’s look at male respondents’ top ten anime ladies:

1) AsunaSword Art Online

Sword Art Online‘s Asuna took the coveted top spot among male fans, possibly for her penchant for showing a lot of skin and also knowing how to wield a badass sword – weapon-bearing women being a common fetish among male anime geeks.


Source: Yahoo! Blogs

2) Nico RobinOne Piece

One Piece‘s Nico Robin came in at number two, almost certainly because of her enormous, erm… assets and bad girl attitude. Here she is showing fans plenty of what she has to offer.


Source: Rakuten

3) Hyouga HinataNaruto

Naruto‘s Hyouga Hinata grabbed the number three spot despite disturbingly having no pupils – a major turnoff in real life.


Source: Mr Wallpaper

4) NamiOne Piece

One Piece‘s Nami ranked number four for almost exactly the same reasons as Nico Robin.


Source: Fan Service Wikia

5) Elza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Elza Scarlet of Fairy Tail fame takes the number five spot, possibly because she’s not reluctant at all to fight in a bikini.


Source: Photozou

6) HoloSpice and Wolf

This cute character might have made the list because she is literally a deity and who doesn’t want to try dating a god?


Source: Nekomagic

7) Rias GremoryHigh School D x D

The below picture pretty much explains how she made the list:


Source: Pantune 

8) Lucy HeartfiliaFairy Tail

Fairy Tail‘s main female protagonist made the list, although she’d probably be upset about being beaten out by a lesser character.


Source: Zerochan

9) KuronekoOre no Imoto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute)

We hope none of you out there actually have dreams of dating your own little sister.


Source: Ichiro Style

10) Mio Akiyama – K-On

Just squeaking in at the number ten spots is K-On‘s cute but decidedly underage musician.


Source: K-on Wikia

A considerable number of ladies also responded to the survey, ranking their most dateable male anime characters. Unsurprisingly, the list of favorite male characters is a little more nuanced and is much more Google surfing at work-friendly, although the list is still mostly populated by stereotypical badass heroes:

1) LeviAttack on Titan

The year’s most popular anime unsurprisingly occupies the top spot with abrasive clean freak Levi. Fun fact: Attack on Titan‘s creator apparently uses real-life personalities as inspiration for the terrifying giant antagonists, including actual terrifying giant Brock Lesnar.


Image: Minp!

2) Takui UsumiMaid Sama!

This girl’s manga character reaches the number two spot with his perfect hair and slightly disheveled appearance.


Image: Yahoo! Blogs

3) Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler

The demonic anti-hero of the Black Butler series grabs the number three slot with his dashingly handsome looks but slightly sadistic personality.


Image: Yahoo! Blogs

4) Zero KiryuVampire Knight

Vampire hunter Zero Kiryu graces the number four spot.


Source: Bubblews

5) Makoto Tachibana – Free!

Apparently the exception to the rule, nice guy Makoto Tachibana finishes well ahead of his meaner rivals at number five.


Source: Free Wikia

6) InuyashaInuyasha

The titular character of the old-school series stands the test of time at number six.


Image: Yahoo! Blogs

7) Sasuke UchihaNaruto

Naruto’s socially withdrawn ninja placed number seven this year, despite being motivated primarily by the desire to kill his own brother.


Source: Naruto Wikia

8) Roronoa ZoroOne Piece

This One Piece protag is a shoo-in for the list, albeit placing surprisingly low even with his three sword technique.


Image: Wikipedia

9) Portgas D. AceOne Piece

Sexy pirate Portgas D. Ace gave Zoro a run for his money. We guess it’s hard to compete with a guy that can kill you with a sword he holds in his mouth.


Source: One Piece Wikia

10) Kakashi Hatake – Naruto

Rounding out the list of male characters is Naruto‘s apathetic but secretly kind-hearted Kakashi.


Image: Wikipedia

So that’s about it, the top ten most dateable male and female anime characters. We were a little surprised that it seems not one single villain made it on the list. We also warn readers that any one of these characters, however initially dateable they may seem, probably harbor one or two weird secret fetishes or disgusting habits, just like folks in the real world.

Let us know your favorite, most dateable anime character in the comments. We promise we won’t tell your mom you secretly fantasize about them.

Source: My Game News Flash