Apparently the destruction of soft silky tofu is so much of a problem that one company has developed a machine to replace the delicate task of handling tofu. No more will we have to worry about shaky cumbersome hands to package the jiggly white stuff. Yes, we can all rest easily knowing our tofu is safely in the hands of robots. Or maybe that is something we should fear.

These days there is an ever growing list of technology to make our lives simpler and easier. The good folks over at bring us a video featuring a machine designed to gently lift and package tofu. Tofu, especially the silky variety, is very easy to damage so you can imagine why this machine was created. Moreover, who really wants a mangled block of tofu right out of the package? Nobody does! There is great satisfaction in cutting a smooth, unblemished block.

silky tofu

Lands Work, the company responsible for the robot, has left nothing in question. Using a video camera, the robot can accurately calculate the dimensions and direction of the tofu for easy placement into the packaging. The hand of the robot has also been specifically designed to gently pick up tofu without crushing it.

Grasping the tofu is not the only issue the robot has to contend with. According to the man in the video, tofu will break if moved too quickly. Therefore, the machine moves slowly which slows down the production rate to about 1,200 to 1,500 pieces per hour. The good news is that firm tofu and other harder objects can be moved at rates closer to 2,500 pieces per hour. But we can’t complain when our own hands don’t have to do the work.


While tofu is rather popular, it would be very unfortunate if this machine was only for tofu. It seems that it’s capable of so much more. But once again this is no one trick pony. Because it’s a robot, it can be reprogrammed for use with any number of foods such as eggs, meat, and seafood. Production levels can also be easily adapted in real-time to deal with differing volumes.

This machine has got you covered on all fronts and would probably be an excellent robot for jelly donuts and cream filled bread. You can never be too sure who is handling your preciously filled sweets. So for our safety and the integrity of the food, let’s just leave it to the robots.

Source: Diginfo TV
Images: Chris 73, Diginfo TV