n korea shooped10

Photo editing software like Photoshop can accomplish some impressive things when placed in the hands of a professional. When digital adjustments are perfectly rendered atop actual photographs, it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s altered. There are times where these skills are used for silly fun, but when the aim of the game is sly deception, it’s especially important to ensure that none of your pixels are showing! For example, these photos out of North Korea could use a few more touch-ups.

North Korea tries to present itself as a powerful force, particularly against “evil American” oppression. The government carefully releases pictures that demonstrate their prosperity and technological prowess. But something about these images seems off. Maybe it’s the missing shadows or the items that appear identically in many places throughout the scene. In the end, we’re less than convinced.

A couple of these have been seen before, but when gathered together in one spot they become quite the collection of facepalm. Honestly, whoever is in charge of photo manipulation for North Korea should probably be fired.

▼ See the shadowless soldiers mount the steps at sunset.

n korea shooped01

▼ Ghost legs don’t get wet.

n korea shooped02

▼ Amazing how the shade is equipped with so many light sources.

n korea shooped03

▼ Same day. Same location. But vastly different scenery.

n korea shooped04

▼ One of these shadows is not like the others.

n korea shooped05

▼ But too many of these goats are exactly the same.

n korea shooped06

▼Amazing stacking skills or cloned bread?

n korea shooped07

▼ No seriously, someone need to stop abusing the copy and paste function.

n korea shooped08

▼ Either there’s a giant in their midst, or something went wrong in Photoshop.

n korea shooped09

▼ And finally…I think you get the picture.

n korea shooped10

Stay awesome, North Korea!

Reference: Acid Cow
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