Sure, this thing that roughly resembles a boat looks like a moderately gifted shop class student’s midterm project at first glance, but it’s actually a modern humidifier with some cool low-tech miracles happening under the hood. Join us after the jump for a closer look at this cool natural gizmo.

Called the Mast for its obvious resemblance to a seafaring vessel, the device is so simple to operate you might actually find yourself using it for its intended purpose instead of shoving it in a closet somewhere like that Roomba you bought on impulse; just pop the top off and add water, and  Mast does the rest.


Apparently, the mast-shaped wings, with their large surface area, soak up the water and can increase humidity in a room by up to six times.


To be fair, Mast doesn’t work much differently from the old trick of weighing a towel down in a steel bowl full of water, but the elegant wooden design of the mast beats having to explain to guests why you have a water bowl on your floor even though you don’t own a dog.

The renowned woodworking shop Masuza is selling the item online, and apparently will ship abroad, but you’ll need to give them 7,350 yen (US$73) and up to four months to build the thing.


Source: DDN Japan