Cross-dressing man in women-only train car causes controversy in Japan

The women-only cars on Japan’s train lines have been increasingly met with controversy over the last few years, with calls for it to be eliminated altogether. Those special pink cars have again come under scrutiny after the photo above depicting a cross-dressing man occupying the women-only car surfaced on Japanese website, Hamster Sokuhou.

But was the man doing anything wrong? Let’s take a look at comments from Japanese netizens.

In response to the picture above, users on Hamusoku had this to say:

That’s clearly a dude…and what’s up with those shoes?

The seats are completely open to his left and right. Looks like everyone else completely noticed him.

You’re out!

That’s no good!

Nice legs!

It’s terrible how the woman on the right is trying to avoid him.

Where would you look if he was actually right in front of you?

In his heart he’s a woman, so isn’t it okay?

Even if a guy does ride in the women-only car, he’s not going to get in trouble.

Yeah, because it’s not actually a law, it’s merely a request asking for people to cooperate with the rules of the women-only carriage.

You have to admire his courage…or is he just doing it because he likes it?

As you can see, reviews of the incident were mixed but generally positive with occasional “LOL”s sprinkled throughout. While Internet comments supported the man, judging by the body language of the two women next to him, they were clearly uncomfortable, with the woman on the right angling her body away and the other putting her bags and jacket on the seat to create a barrier. What do you think about this cross-dressing man riding in the women-only car? Do you agree with the users who say that if he believes he’s a woman, there’s no problem?

Source: Hamster Sokuhou