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In one of the more bizarre news stories of the day – yes, even by RocketNews24 standards – a chicken in China’s Henan Province has recently shot to fame online after it was spotted sporting a fine set of curled feathers that make him look like he’s been out to get a perm to impress the ladies in the henhouse with.

Chickens with slightly curled feather tips are not unheard of, but it’s incredibly rare for a bird to boast such stylish plumage as this.

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The cockerel was recently spotted in a Henan Province farmyard and soon become something of a local attraction. A handful of photos were taken and shared via forums and Western news sites, resulting in the bird rocketing to – albeit most likely fleeting – online stardom.

We have to admit this is one particularly striking bird, but something tells us he’s really not all that impressed by the media attention, somehow, and when we peer into his moody eyes we feel as if we’re looking at a deceased Hollywood star who has been reincarnated as a farmyard rooster as penance for his awful movies…

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