In a turn of events that isn’t doing any favors for those refuting the “Sexless Japan” media blitz of late, a recent survey by the National Institute of Population concluded that a frighteningly large percentage of males across the age spectrum were quite literally sexless.

The survey found that 68.5 percent of 18-19 year-olds, 40.5 percent of 24-24 year-olds, an 25.1 percent of 25-29 year-olds in Japan were still virgins.

So what’s an aging manga publisher trying to reinvent its image to do with this information? Why, publish an overtly sexual new manga magazine that is apparently custom tailored to the “0-sexual-experience” crowd.

The new magazine, Young Comic Cherry – which began its run in May this year – is a part of the Young Comic publishing family. According to Cherry’s editor-in-chief, “Most young people aren’t buying magazines these days. If anything, they’ll just stand and read them at a convenience store. The primary target for manga sales is the 30-40 year-old demographic, so I wanted to make a magazine people in their teens and 20s would actually want to buy.”

 ▼ Promotional art for one of the mag’s storylines.  Can’t see why virgins would be so interested in this…


Source: Comic Natalie

In other words, it’s (very) softcore porn. According to impressions from a Yahoo! Japan journalist, while the material is overtly sexual, most of the actual sex apparently takes place off-page, because, we guess, showing full-on sex might make the 20-something virgin readers feel tingly and frightened.

The real justification for avoiding anything gratuitous is, according to the editor, that the main driving factor behind manga sales is compelling characters, so Cherry is apparently striving for a balance of racy and cute.

Apparently, the editor hopes to market the magazine as a way for “inexperienced” adults to get some exposure to women in the comfort of their own mother’s basement so that one day they might work up the courage to talk to a real one, but if regular manga female leads are any indication, we fear this might have exactly the opposite effect.

Source: Yahoo! R25
Feature Photo: E-Hon