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If you happen to watch a lot of anime or read manga that features tough guys, there’s almost invariably a scene in which the tough guy is leaning over someone else, pressing them against a wall, his hand slammed up on it. It’s a great visual since it simultaneously looks cool and helps establish how much of a badass the guy is supposed to be.

This pose is called, in Japanese Internet speak, “kabe-don,” with “kabe” meaning “wall” and “don” being the sound of someone hitting a hard object–like a wall.

The picture above appeared on Twitter yesterday and it was just too adorable not to share. With over 2,000 retweets already, it is certainly a hit–and with such an adorable fuzzy face, is anyone surprised?

Responses ranged from the simple “Cute!” and “He’s so handsome!” to “SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE! I LOVE THE CAT’S EXPRESSION!!!” Needless to say, enthusiasm was not in short supply.

But then we got to wondering…what other examples of “kabe-don” could we find? And it turns out that “kabe-don” picturess are incredibly popular with Japanese people on the Internet.

To start, let’s look at one explaining the various “kabe-don.” According to the tweet accompanying the illustration below, there are four kinds of “kabe-don.”

①  Standard “kabe-don” ② Kind of wild “kabe-don” ③ A nice “kabe-don,” as if you’re trying to hug the other person ④ Cicada-don

don (1)

▼We guess they forgot one type…

don (2)

Of course, there are tons of “kabe-don” out there. Chances are, if you have a favorite anime or manga character, you can find at the very least a few fan-drawn pictures of them kabe-donning it up.

▼Here’s one rather extreme example for all you Attack on Titan fans!

don (3)

But the best “kabe-don” pictures seem to features animals. What can we say? RocketNew24 loves anthropomorphic animals!

▼Someone imagined a reversal of the “neko-don” (cat-don) we featured at the top.

don (7)

▼A true “neko-don!”

don (4)

▼Kicking it up a few notches…

don (8)

▼Aw, here’s a hamster practicing for when he meets the lady of his dreams!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Japanese meme if it didn’t have funny-but-cute puns all over the place. Here are two of our favorites!

▼”Gyudon” is a Japanese dish which basically consists of a bowl of rice (the “don”) with beef (the “gyu”) on top. Here’s a “gyu-don,” or a “bull-don.”

don (6)

▼And now, our last “don!” The Japanese word for rabbit is “usagi” and “udon” is a popular type of thick, wheat noodles. Put an “usagi” and some “udon” together and you get…”u-don!”

don (9)

Hehehehe! “Udon!”

Well, now you know all about “kabe-don!” We would say to try it out on your secret crush, but we’re worried about people getting punched. Maybe practice with your cat first…

Sources: Togech
Images: Wagashi no Hamu Nikki, Togetter, Naver Matome, Twitpic (1, 2)