In Japan, it is still considered “rude” to do things like talk on the phone or apply makeup on the train. Although the latter is becoming far more common as people come to realise that a girl touching up her war-paint in public is hardly the most scandalous act one can engage in, there are still many, mostly of the older generation, who believe that it should not be done in shared spaces and to be so openly “vain” is simply shameful.

We wonder, then, what the average older Japanese citizen would think if they saw a commuter like the young lady in the following video, who has thrown caution to the wind and slaps on a cleansing face mask during her travels.

Shot on the Beijing subway and shared by the same YouTuber who brought us this worrying video last week (we’re starting to think they’re making a career out of collecting these weird videos, but keep up the fine work if you’re reading!), “Face pack on Beijing Subway” shows how different the thinking in Japan and China really is.

Although many women in Japan couldn’t care less if some older passenger gives them a few dirty looks while they’re applying some lipstick or fixing their mascara, we very much doubt any of them would use their commuting time to cleanse their skin with a full face mask like this.

We’re sure many of the older generation would be breaking into rage sweats after seeing this video, but we on the other hand can’t help thinking that this is one young lady who very much knows the meaning of the term “time management” and is doing an excellent job of grabbing a few precious seconds to help stay beautiful. Let ’em look, girl; you’ll be laughing when the rest of us are old and wrinkly and you still look 21.

Source: YouTube via Toychan (Japanese)