girl gets revenge

I remember the time when, back in junior high school, I was cruelly rejected by the girl I was crazy about. My hopes dashed to pieces, I went home and cried my eyes out. It hurt right down to the pit of my stomach and it took a while for me to get over it, but never once did it cross my mind that I should take revenge for being rejected.

For one girl in Japan, however, the same cannot be said. After having her advances spurned, this female junior high school student decided to get back at the young man she had hoped to form a friendship with. Assembling a violent mob of 20 girls, she went out for payback – and the worst part is, she and the boy had never actually met in person.

The incident began as the two were using LINE, a smartphone application that allows users to exchange messages with friends and make free data calls. The app has become a very popular form of communication in Japan and South Korea especially, where users can quickly and easily add acquaintances.

In September this year, a 14-year-old female student in Tokyo sent a contact request to a male student via the application, but it was quickly rejected by the boy, who is a year older. With her pride dented, the girl was determined to make the boy pay for his sins, even though he had no reason to accept the friend request to begin with. The female student gathered a group of about 20 girls to help her seek revenge.

▼ Seriously, don’t mess with those Japanese schoolgirls. They’ve got mad skills.


The LINE-using boy was hanging out in a local park with 12 other male classmates when the angry female mob surrounded them. Within moments, things turned violent.

The girls are accused of punching and kicking the boys in their faces and stomachs, with one male student suffering a broken nose and five others coming away with various minor injuries. Six of the rambunctious females were eventually arrested by the local police.

But don’t forget the other shocking element in all of this: the girl responsible for gathering the mob stated that she had indeed requested to become friends with the male student via LINE, however, she had never actually met him in person!

When you reject someone’s friend request on Facebook or other social service, you don’t usually send a message saying, “I hate your guts. I don’t want to be your friend!” While we don’t know whether something was said to the girl to incite such rage, there really is no excuse for violence, and we’re sure she’d have survived without being “friends” with someone who likely didn’t even know her name.

But it’s probably just a puberty thing, right?

Sources: Hachima Kikou via Yahoo! Japan News
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