Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again, when the trolls of Photoshop land come out to wreak havoc on the greater community by deliberately misinterpreting their photo improvement wishes.

This where someone asks a free favor of Photoshop-skilled individuals to do something like change the background or make them look sexier, only for the ‘shop savvy individual to have them squatting in a men’s room or revealing more of their anatomy than they bargained for. Still don’t get it? Fine, check out the previous five installments (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5). We’ll wait…

Ready? Okay let’s go!

Request: “Can you give me wings?”

▼ Yessir! You’re going to make one lady very happy someday.

Request: “Yo this is my girl. Do me a favor and get rid of that old hag.”

Sorry it was too difficult without lowering the resolution, but we think your girl’s beauty still comes through.

▼ Request: “Can you mix some women in with us?”

Now don’t get carried away, you crazy kids!

Request: “Give me a mark on my body. Something sporty.”

You don’t want to take the field without the proper support, now.

Request: “The guy on the right is acting like an idiot. Can you make it so he fits in with the rest of us?”

Sure but you’re going to have to meet him half-way on this one.

Request: “Could you make it so I’m revealing a little more? I want to be noticed.”

We kept your scapulae covered just enough so you don’t look like a tramp.

Request: “Can you change my drink to something more upmarket? I want to look like the son of a wealthy family who all the ladies love.”

Prince George of Cambridge never gets fussy while drinking it.

Request: “Can you make me float in the air?”

But that would defy the laws of physics. Here, we tried to keep it realistic.

Request: “Could you please put me in some traditional clothes? Something from a long time ago would be nice.”

If that would be nice then this must be awesome. You’re welcome.

Request: “Can you change the background on this?”


Keep up the fine work, you wonderful trolls!

Source: Hua Xun Caijing
Original article by Meg Sawai

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