2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 1

If you have been paying attention to South Korean pop culture, then you are probably already aware of the huge popularity of plastic surgery as evident by some startling before-and-after images. Plastic surgery is fast becoming as Korean as kimchi, soju or Samsung as one in five women there admit to going under the knife in the name of beauty.

But while seeing before-and-after images demonstrate a surgeon’s skill, you may not be seeing the long and probably very painful process that goes on in between the two pictures. A Korean woman recently posted the many stages of her recovery after plastic surgery, which provides a much-needed context about the lengths people go for the sake of beauty. Click below to see how she looked while her body healed from the procedure!

Whatever her motivation for getting a little work done, the following images show you how much some people are dedicated to improving their bodies through surgery. Just to let you know, a few of the pictures taken right after the plastic surgery may be a little hard for some of you more sensitive souls to look at, but they are probably tamer than anything you see on a TV medical drama.

So before we go any further, here is what this woman looked like before the surgery.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 2

The next set of pictures shows the doctors prepping her for surgery.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 3

Soon after the procedure, the top left photo was taken. Then the top right picture was taken two days later. And in the bottom image, we see her with the bandages taken off five days after the surgery. The swelling had gone down a lot in just five days, but it is still quite noticeable.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 4

These pictures show (from top left to right) her recovery seven days later, 10 days later and in the bottom frame, two weeks after the surgery. The swelling is going down a lot and you can begin to see the surgeon’s “artwork” shining through.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 5

These four photos show her about one month after the surgery. The swelling is pretty much gone and she is starting to look like a whole other person.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 6

And these five photos were taken six months after the surgery and shows how her face has taken the shape of what seems to be a completely new woman.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 7

Taken well after her surgery, these pictures show how dramatically changed this woman is now. She barely resembles the person who walked into the operation room.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 1

Here is her new profile thanks to the weeks and maybe months of pain.

2013.12.21 SK plastic surgery 8

Of course, South Korea is hardly the only country where people go through extreme procedures to look a certain way. What do you think of the overwhelming trend of plastic surgery in some countries? Is it worth the costs, both physical and financial, to feel better about your new “fixed” body? Let us know if this look into the recovery from plastic surgery has changed the way you think about these kinds of procedures!

Source/Images: tt.mop.com