Stereotypes suck. For every stupid, preconceived idea that anyone has about any group of people, there are a million counter examples proving it wrong–if you’ll allow me to generalize for a moment. And it seems that one of the most persistent stereotypes is that Caucasian women simply don’t like Asian men at all.

Now, it is certainly true that, statistically speaking, Asian men in the United States, for example, tend to cohabit with or marry Caucasian women far less then the Asian women and Caucasian men. But “statistically speaking” and “in practice” are completely different things.


YouTube channel Whatever recently posted a video featuring  Asian-American YouTuber and all-around sexy man Edward Zo testing out this stereotype. The video, two and a half minutes long, shows Zo walking up to random Caucasian women, chatting them up, and, eventually, getting their phone numbers. What this proves, precisely, isn’t really clear–it could be that Edward is simply the pinnacle of human beauty–but it should give Asian men feeling shunned by Caucasian women a ray of hope.

▼Check out the video below

So, how did Japanese commenters react to the video? Well, the responses were pretty varied, as you  might expect, but here are some of the highlights.

It has less to do with race and everything to do with how the individual looks!

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, there’s not much of a difference in how we look. In reverse, how would you describe the difference between what Japanese people think is attractive or sexy.

The “Asian race” and “Asian people” are different things. Asian people who’ve been Americanized act boldly and, unless someone is overly concerned with skin color, they don’t any problem.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving my phone number to a foreigner.

[In response to above comment,] there are many Asian people in the US, so they’re not thought of as being foreigners. Though it would be a different matter if their English was broken or they acted acting suspiciously.

So, the conclusion is: race doesn’t matter almost at all. People who don’t come to this conclusion are stupid.

If they really want to test this, they should get an average looking Asian guy!

His tank top is gross…

If someone suddenly asked for your phone number in Japan, it’d be really suspicious. It has nothing to do with how the other person looks. Is that different overseas?

White people can’t tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people. So, that’s the whole “Asian” thing–lumping us all together.

Well, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Swedish and Norwegian person…

So, we guess the moral of the story is: If you’re looking for a girlfriend, hit the gym and learn to show some confidence!

But maybe don’t accost random women on the street…that seems kinda creepy…

Sources: Zaeega, YouTube
Image: YouTube