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It’s tough being a girl. We’re not saying it’s easy being a guy, but guys generally have fewer worries about being victims of stealthy up-skirt shots, wandering hands, or worse. To put an end to such worries, some overly creative designers in Thailand created a pair of security panties that promises to protect your girly bits and ward off a man’s lustful thoughts at the same time.

Sounds like a sure-sell product, doesn’t it? But as always, things that sound too good to be true usually come with a catch. And the catch in this pair of panties is, to put it bluntly, a built-in PENIS.

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Wow, that was awkward. But yes, these panties with in-built man bits (fake ones, of course!) are supposed to prevent a girl from getting sexually harassed, according to its makers. The commercial video for the wonder-panties – which is alleged to be genuine, though we have a feeling it was made just for YouTube –  also claims that it can protect a woman’s delicate parts.

“Save your pussy. Save your clitoris.”
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Such a product coming from Thai designers is fairly ironic, considering that Thailand is notoriously famous for its exuberant transgender community and attractive ladyboys, who are basically effeminate or transsexual males who look and behave every bit like a woman, but keep their manhood physically intact.

▼ Ladyboy Yasmin Lee makes an appearance in The Hangover 2.
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Perhaps making a hot babe look like a sexy ladyboy might ward off straight men, but what about the guys who like ladyboys? Do they not pose any danger? We have no idea how this unique pair of panties works. Maybe you can tell us if it makes any sense, after watching this commercial that was banned from TV broadcasting, probably due to the generous on-screen skin exposure. Or perhaps the local censorship board got weirded out by they product’s extraordinary attachment, too.

▼ Headmuns Security Pants (banned) commercial

Even if these security pants really do prevent sexual assaults as advertised, we wonder how many girls would actually consider donning one. I’m pretty sure I would rather coop myself up at home than be caught on the streets wearing a pair of those!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: YouTube (1, 2)