The thing that’s been in the spotlight on Taiwanese internet this week is a fairly simple, 10-second video clip. There’s no out-of-this-world discovery, fancy special effects or social drama to this clip, so we won’t blame you if you’re wondering why we even bother sharing it, but… but… it’s a video of real, actual, dancing boobs!

You want to see it too, right? We won’t tell anyone you took a peek, so go ahead and enjoy the show!

Taiwanese bombshell Yangzi Lin has been capturing the attention and hearts of netizens this week with her rhythmic girl-pecs. She has over 11,850 followers on Facebook, and we can totally understand why!




We’ve seen plenty of men flaunt their pectoral muscles by pumping them to the beat, but when this sexy lady does the trick, it’s a whole different thing! Just watch as she subtly pulsates to the music without seeming like she’s flexing her muscles. It’s simply magical.

We promise not to tell if you hit the replay button either. Your secret’s safe with us.

Source: ETtoday
Images: Yangzi Lin on Facebook