Totoro, from the 1988 animated movie, “My Neighbour Totoro”, remains one of the most beloved characters to come out of the magical world of Ghibli. The story of the friendly giant who befriends a young girl in the forest is so enchanting that a trip to the woods today seems to come with the real possibility of a chance meeting with the furry animal, probably sheltering from the rain under a leaf and waiting for a new friend.

This festive season, people in Japan are using acorns to bring the magical world of Totoro into their homes and the results are adorable! From garden ornaments to wreaths, these photos show that the world under an acorn tree really is a great place to gather up some new forest friends. The fantasy is only limited by your imagination!


Known as the “keeper of the forest”, Totoro may have the features of an owl, a cat, and a raccoon, but his figure most closely resembles that of an acorn.


Take a walk under an acorn tree and collect an army of future Totoros. Give them a wash, pat them dry and they’re ready to be brought to life!




Totoro appears with the help of a bit of white paint and some black ink.



Once you’ve created your Totoro friends, you can add them to a wreath for a unique Christmas decoration!




Catbus! Acorns can be used to recreate any number of friends for Totoro.



The most adorable home for your Totoro collection would have to be in the garden. Just make sure they have the shelter of a leaf for those rainy days!


Source: Hamusoku 
Images: Tukurukoto Kyoju Akazawamitsuishi Terutamago Rakuten Minnei’s Diary Souutudamono