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Over here at RocketNews24, we’re such hardcore fans of animals taking baths, we actually have a team of staff dedicated to sourcing for pictures of bathing animals. Just look at our track record! In the last few months alone we’ve shown you a cute baby kitty, a happy shiba inu, and this family of capybaras enjoying their bath time. To add to the list, we found this adorable bunny who absolutely loves a relaxing soak.

All right, we were just kidding you with the bathing animal photos team. But this bathing bunny is for real! Being earth-burrowing animals, rabbits are normally terrified of water, but this bunny boy here sure looks like he’s having a soaking good time!

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Meet Cloody! This handsome boy is a curious and playful bunny who enjoys exploring the balcony, but hates quilts. Unlike most bunnies, Cloody seems to enjoy a relaxing soak and body massage in the bath. Cloody’s owner mentions that she only gives him a bath when he’s really dirty, most of the time he just cleans himself with his tongue like most, less fortunate, rabbits.

Just to put the facts straight, rabbits are perfectly capable of keeping themselves tidy and clean, just like cats! And as mentioned previously, they are incredibly scared of being in water, so please don’t dunk your bunny in a bath and try to wash it like a dog as that can be an extremely stressful experience for your rabbit. If your pet bunny is really, really dirty and needs a good wash, it’s recommended to leave the work to a groomer who is experienced in handling rabbits, especially if your furkid has never been showered before! Cloody, it seems, is something of the exception to the rule!

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