Horse Mask Pets

It’s 2014, which means it’s time to say “sayonara” to the snake and holler a great big “hello” to the horse. The year’s been off to a pretty boring start, so we’re hoping to liven up the first few days of January with a photo gallery featuring animals and humans wearing horse masks…it is the Year of the Horse afterall.

Everyone loves the horse mask, especially animals…

▼ The horse mask looks a little too heavy for this little doggy.Horse Mask Pets4

▼ Stop laughing and get me a carrot!Horse Mask Pets7

▼ He’s watching you!Horse Head pet9

▼ Is this what sea horses were supposed to look like?
Horse Mask Pets6

▼ Just eating some grass…Horse Mask Pets3

▼ Aww, what a sad beagle horsey.5

▼ This somehow actually looks head mask2

▼ Even the deer in Nara can’t help but be attracted to the mask7

On second thought, some animals don’t particularly like the horse mask…

▼ Run for your life little guy!horse mask12

▼ What? You didn’t know horses eat cats?horse head11

▼Horse Kitty is not pleased.Horse Mask Pets2

Many humans seem to have taken a liking to turning themselves into a disturbing stallion:

▼ We’re sure there are some people out there who fantasize about bathing with a horse man. horse mask6

▼ Why hello there, neighbor!horse mask5

▼ Someone please make Horse Zelda!horse head10

▼ Horse Face is watching head island

▼ Sweet dreams, children!horse head9

Happy Year of the Horse! If you want to celebrate 2014 in the weirdest way possible, you can get your own horse mask here if you’re in the US or here if you’re located in Japan.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Hamusokuweknowmemes, Amazon