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As you might expect, people in Japan don’t send out Christmas cards. When you’re spending the month of December preparing for the 25th, the most romantic day of the year in Japan, who has the time to write cards for a foreign holiday? Instead, people from Sapporo to Naha send nengajyo, traditional New Year’s postcards. When every single card is guaranteed to be delivered on the first of the year (if sent out by December 25), the post office has to get serious. What better way than with an army of motorcycle-riding postal workers?

The photo above was uploaded on Twitter with the caption, “It was cloudy so I wasn’t able to see the first sunrise of the New Year, but I did witness the seriousness of the postal service.” The tweet has received over 50,000 retweets in just two days.

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Although it’s normal to see postal workers riding red and white JP issued motorcycles, we’re impressed with the Japanese postal system and the massive fleet of workers they assembled for New Year’s Day deliveries. So ride on, Japanese postal workers! And thanks for bringing us all those horse postcards!


Source: Hamusoku  
Images: Twitter (Mao_vtzf), nenga sozaikan