nengajo (23)

New Year in Japan means food, visiting temples, food, getting money, food, and, of course, New Years postcards. Like the many people all over the world, Japanese folks make a habit of sending cards to nearly everyone they know to mark the start of another year. The average card often features a family photo or some traditional illustration connected to the new year.

That’s the average card–some people, though, take the opportunity to send cards with a bit more pizzazz using everything from illustrations of Attack on Titan characters to an actual pack of Pokémon cards. Check out some of the best nengajo (Japanese New Years cards) we’ve found below!

As you probably know, this is the Year of the Horse, so there’s plenty of horse (or uma, in Japanese) jokes and puns in our round-up of the horsiest–sorry, funniest!–nengajo in Japan. It also looks like Attack on Titan was the most popular New Year’s card theme of the year, with well-wishers particularly taking a shine to Jean Kirstein, probably because of his long “horse-face.”

nengajo (2)

Top right: Hey, hurry up and post it, you stupid ass. Who do you want this to go to?

Top right: I want you to get it to XXX by New Year’s Day.

Bottom right: Oh?

Bottom middle: Not bad.

Bottom left: We’ll get your creepy New Year’s card to them.

nengajo (1)

Please deliver this to XXXX.

nengajo (3)

I promised Ms. Misato. I’ll get this New Year’s card to XXX at XXX!!

nengajo (5)

I want this delivered to XXX! This is a very important New Year’s card!

I’m begging you! (From the heart!)

nengajo (6)

Muska, I want this New Year’s card delivered to XXX.

Pazu! Throw away that card and run!

Kneel before me! And I will wait one week!

nengajo (7)

Here she comes!

Big brother! I’m truly sorry for this silly New Year’s card.

Get on the helicopter! We’re going to XXX’s address!

nengajo (8)

Right card:

  • Hey, hey!
  • What?
  • Happy New Year! \(^o^)/
  • Ohhh! A Happy New Year!!
  • (゚∀゚) Oh, there it is!
  • Looking forward to this year!

Left card: “That’s enough! No more of these face-saving, stupid awful customs!” Said no one ever. Deliver this to XXX at XXX!

nengajo (9)

A Death Note-themed New Year’s card? That doesn’t really seem very…auspicious to us…

nengajo (10)

Chopper, there’s one thing you must remember. This is to be delivered to: Mr. Kumaya at XXX!

nengajo (12)

Kakoubun. Please deliver this to Lord XXX.


nengajo (15)

Here we have Kumamon wishing you a Happy New Year!

nengajo (16)

Happy new year. This year will be my year! Year of the Horse 2014.01.01. Looking forward to this year, too!

nengajo (20)

Happy New Year! Now excuse me while I go and chop up a giant with a little help from Photoshop!

nengajo (21)

Happy New Year from Jean Kirstein! We’re guessing this monstrosity came after someone got the wrong idea from this cosplay photo…

nengajo (22)

Happy…wait, what the!?

nengajo (23)

 Happy New Year! We just ruined Attack on Titan forever!

nengajo (26)

Top right: I’m late! I’m late!

Top middle: Oh, my! Boom! Gah!

Top left: Hey! Watch where you’re going!

Bottom right (upper): Sorry. Are you hurt?

Bottom right (lower): Hunh…could it be…

Bottom left: You are my horse of destiny!

nengajo (28)

Uma deshou! (A play on “Ima deshou!” which means “Let’s do it now!” The person depicted in the drawing is Hayashi Sensei.)

nengajo (30)

Wishing you a…Grumpy New Year?

nengajo (31)

Under the auspicious guidance of Comrade Kim Jong-un, we will be led to victory in our great revolutionary works with the speed of the Chollima.

New Year’s Day, 103 year of the Juche calendar (2014 in the Western calendar)

nengajo (32)

Happy New Year! Looking forward to another great year!

1 January, 2014

nengajo (33)

Happy New Year! Have a pack of Pokémon XY cards!

nengajo (34)

See? We told you this meme was big in 2013!

Post man! Please deliver this New Years card! To XXX!

What the hell is with this card??

nengajo (35)

What the hell is going on with this New Year’s card!?

nengajo (36)

Top right:

  • If you post your New Year’s cards by December 25, you can be sure that they will be delivered on New Years day.
  • Oh, really?

Top left: You can! Just write the address XXX and post it, and the postal workers will sort it for you and deliver it on New Year’s Day!

Bottom right:

  • It’s like science!
  • Let’s go look for materials. Something close to a New Year’s post card.

Bottom left: I think a radish will work nicely!

nengajo (37)

Happy New Year! Here’s how to say it using the Bernoulli equation.

nengajo (38)

Happy New Year! And good luck figuring this one out.

nengajo (39)

Happy New Year from Predator and a shishi-garashi (lion’s head used in the lion’s dance often seen on New Year’s Day).

nengajo (40)

And a Happy New Year from Bayonetta as well!

nengajo (41)

Happy New Year! from Ga-chan

nengajo (42)

To all crew members: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Straight from the horse’s mouth!

nengajo (2)

And finally, Happy New Year from Ama-chan. Oops, make that Uma-chan!

Whew! That’s a lot of cards, but we’re sure there are tons more out there. Did you get any particularly cool cards this year? Be sure to share them with us if you did!

Source and images: Naver Matome