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The New Year’s break has sadly ended for most people in Japan by now, but the traditional season itself doesn’t fade away as soon. After receiving nengajo (New Year’s postcards) from clients and vendors, many office workers’ first task when they get back to work after the holiday is to contact the senders to thank them for their kind greetings.

We’ve already seen the best civilian nengajo efforts of 2013, but here are some of the coolest New Year’s greetings from Japan’s most talented manga artists and illustrators!

▼ Tomokichi Hidaka

tomokichi hidakaSource

▼ Nobuteru Yuki

nobuteru yukiSource

▼ Eiichiro Oda

eiichiro odaSource

▼ Namori


▼ Kaoru Watashiya

kaoru watashiyaSource

▼ Mari Yamazaki

mari yamazakiSource



▼ Masakazu Ishiguro

masakazu ishuguroSource

▼ Maruko Nii

maruko niiSource

▼ Kenichi Yoshida

kenichi yoshidaSource

▼ Ryo Akizuki

ryou akizukiSource

▼ Naoyuki Kato

naoyuki katoSource

▼ Akemi Takada

akemi takadaSource

▼ Hiro Mashima

hiro mashimaSource

▼ Keishu Ando

keishu andoSource

▼ Hiroshi Fukuda

hiroshi fukudaSource

▼ Tsubana


▼ Ageha Saotome

ageha saotomeSource

▼ Daioki


▼ Court Betten

court bettenSource

▼ Mutsumi Hagiiwa

mutsumi hagiiwaSource

▼ Tsubasa Fukuchi

tsubasa fukuchiSource

▼ Murata Toshiharu

murata toshiharuSource

▼ Tomomi Abe

tomomi abeSource

▼ Akeru Otsuki

akeru otsukiSource

▼ Misoka Nagatsuki

misoka nagatsukiSource

▼ Mashiro Anbe

masahiro anbeSource

▼ Bibuo


▼ Makoto Raiku

makoto raikuSource

▼ Uduki Yamada

Uduki YamadaSource

▼ Mine Yoshizaki

mine yoshizakiSource

▼ Kazue Kato

kazue katoSource

▼ Yoko Nihonbashi

yoko nihonbashiSource

▼ Michiro Ueyama

michiro ueyamaSource

▼ Hiroshi Ueda

hiroshi uedaSource

▼ Nozomu Tamaki

nozomu tamakiSource

▼ Sayori Ochiai

sayori ochiaiSource

▼ Rensuki Oshikiri

rensuke oshikiriSource

▼ Shirow Miwa

Shirow MiwaSource

Which one’s your favorite? If you’ve received a nengajo, don’t forget to send your greetings in return, it’s only polite to do so!

Source: Zhaizhai News